The February 2017 edition of the Parliament of the Principality of Monaco newspaper devoted an article on the pyrotechnic activities of Capyro®.

extract from the interview

Extract from the interview with Thierry Hernandez, pyrotechnic expert and CEO of Capyro® (browse his history) :

Your company CONSEIL ADR PYROTECHNIE has different fields of intervention.  What are they?

Being a specialised engineering consultancy firm, I carry out advisory missions for my clients and I also conduct audits, train and assist in the areas of pyrotechnical activities and site remediation.  I also draft regulation files (I.C.P.E. Installation Classified for the Protection of the Environment) and also for pyrotechnical remediation (ACA).

Specialising in the pyrotechnical security field, I have developed innovative products in this domain in addition to my advisory services.  I have used my expertise in projects with the Ministry of Defence, the Interior Ministry, Civil Aviation and manufacturers of explosives before creating my own company in 2013 and then CAPYRO® which deals more precisely with the engineering and industrial side of things.  Nowadays, I intervene for clients in the PACA region of France like Groupe ECA (robotic engineering), CNIM,  D.C.I NAVFCO, TETHYS, the National Ministry of Defence,  the Interior Ministry, RUGGIERI, EURODISNEY, Safran Martin Baker etc.

What is your field of expertise ?
I started to develop two ranges of products to secure the storage and transportation of pyrotechnic products. A range of pyrotechnic containers with discharge surfaces is thus being industrialized, while a complete solution for the recycling sector of used fireworks comprising a collector for Pyrotechnic Artifices (CAP 2.1) and a Unité Mobile d’Oxydation Thermique (UMOT) is being designed.

What are your links with the “Principauté de Monaco”?
Being concerned about the environment, I have been working for two years with Colonel Luc FRINGANT who is a superior Commander of law-enforcement agencies in Monaco on innovative pyrotechnical projects.  Indeed, the environmental thematic is at the heart of my field of expertise.
Capyro, article in the newspaper of the Parliament of the Principality of Monaco (France)