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By means of a first partnership mission from the sea hub Business France/DGE in Singapore/Malaysia, contacts, connections and follow-ups were established.

If CAPYRO® is known internationally today it is in part due to Business France Sea hub which detected the potential of our small enterprise and understood the core of our trade which is pyrotechnical security. 

A big thank you therefore goes to the ambassadors met during the 1Ambassadeur#1Entrepreneur Days for their advice as well as the guidance of their teams in the Business France offices.

The CAPYRO® motto “Making the world a safer place” was dreamt up after these two decisive missions and makes complete sense as we respond to major accidents and propose suitable solutions.  This was the case in Mexico where, following a major pyrotechnic accident and thanks to a Business France mission in 2016, CAPYRO® was able to make contact with the authorities and propose the best solutions necessary.

SUCCESS STORY file sent by Business France (in french)

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Importance of Business France abroad:

Business France is the national agency in the service of internationalising the French economy.

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It is its responsibility to develop businesses and their exports internationally as well as the prospection and reception if international investment in France.
This agency promotes the attraction and economic image of France (and territories) and its businesses.
The company manages and develops V.I.E (international business voluntary sector).  Furthermore, Business France has at its disposal 1500 collaborators situated in France and 64 other countries.  It also relies on a network of public and private partnerships.

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Our Pôle Mer Méditerranée partnership :

pole mer Mediterranée, pyrotechnic partner south franceCertified in July 2005, the World Innovation Centre and its twin the Brittany Atlantic Sea Hub and Regional Economic Development Innovation Hub (PRIDES) in 2007. PRIDES Mediterranean Sea Hub’s ambition is the sustainable development of maritime and coastline economy in the Mediterranean basin, Europe and the rest of the world.

Its strategic field of activity: maritime safety and security, naval and nautical, energetic resources and marine mining, marine biological resources, environmental and construction planning of coasts and ports, maritime infrastructure and transport.

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