The main goal of CAPYRO® is that of consultancy and assistance to any companies involved in the pyrotechnical business and their approach to safety and security in the workplace.

Put together regulation ICPE (Installation classified for the protection of the environment), Security studies, risk analysis etc…

Audits, safety and security of pyrotechnical installations,

Optimization of sites and human engineering of work stations, Supply Chain management and pyrotechnical outfitting,

Risk analysis in keeping with the single document,

Risk evaluation ATEX (explosive atmosphere),

Installation of security management system,

Realisation of adapted and personalised regulation surveillance,

Assistance during state authority visits,

Security advisor for Dangerous Merchandise Transportation for your company.

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CAPYRO® assists in the creation or evolution of pyrotechnical sites adapting them to the current or future needs of the customer.  It guarantees  regulation conformity in relation to :

Safety and security inspection

The installation of pyrotechnical products are submitted to a technical approval with the obligation of carrying out a security study in defined conditions : article R. 2352-100 Defence Code  and amended decree 13 December 2005.


In conformity with regulation, an audit can be conducted and an audit report drawn up.

Visuel du processus de création ou d’évolution de sites pyrotechniques

Labour Code

The employer has an obligation to analyse specific risks under which employees must work Single Document (DUERP – Art L4111).  Above a defined limit, this study called the Safety Assessment will be given to the Health and Safety Executive Powders and Explosives (Art. R4462).

Defence Code

Any storage of pyrotechnical products must undergo a technical authorization and an acquisition approval.

Environmental Code

Depending on the products stored, the facility must make a request to the Inspector of classified installations ICPE. Capyro®   can assist its customers in this process by carrying out the ICPE reports while including the study of environmental impact.


Our references :

Groupe Etienne LacroixSafran Martin BakerCNIM, NCS, ECA Group,  TETHYS, Distributeurs feux d’artifices, DCNS , Ruggieri

And international

Technical Assistance

In France or abroad, Capyro® can propose assistance for the maintenance of equipment or installations, the technical visit being the extension of the lifespan of any equipment.

Process technical visits, maintenance and pyrotechnical-installations of capyro

Safety advisor for the Transport of Dangerous Goods :

The DGSA carries out regulatory and information audits on the transport safety.

It assists companies in taking preventative measures, establishes annual activity reports and in the case of accidents, recommendations are made and plans of action are set up

It analyses disparities between your transport activity and the current regulations

It brings tried and tested solutions

It addresses specific issues (e.g. vehicle packaging certification, transportation of specific merchandise).


All firms with a loading/unloading activity and/or dealing with class 1 > to § of ADR is subject to DGSA.

ADR icon, transport of dangerous goods (labels)

EXCLUSIVE CAPYRO® : Tracking and geo-tracking of pyrotechnical containers

Millions of containers travel the world every year to dispatch goods.  Capyro® has chosen Solustop, French leader in geo-tracking by sat nav to equip its containers with independent tags allowing for worldwide transit.  In this way, our customers’ products travel in complete safety.

These self-sufficient tags are adapted to the containers’ transit conditions thanks to their autonomy of several years.

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This equipment is a real time saver, the containers are permanently identifiable, the logistic monitoring is assured in real time with this tracking sat nav/GPRS/Iridium from Solustop.

The Iridium network also allows for world coverage on land, sea, dessert, high mountain and all other isolated territories.  When the land operator is available, the geo-tracking uses this option and when it is absent, the satellite network Iridium takes over.



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