industrial products

CAPYRO® has developped industrialised pyrotechnical installations which allow for the optimisation of the clients’ needs :

Pyrotechnical fortified cabinet

To store pyrotechnical products of a quantity which is < than 20 kg.

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Container with discharge's surfaces

For transportation and storage Capyro® has developped pyrotechnical containers with discharge 's surfaces.

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These fortified cabinets are used for storing pyrotechnical products :

Fortified fire-resistant cabinet (RE160) for fireworks DR 1.3b

(distress flare, smoke grenade)

Fortified cabinet which resists breaking and entering when storing certified products DR 1.4

These cabinets are equipped with built-in detectors and are part of our Risk Analysis installations.

Not subject to regulation ICPE (< 30 kg M.A) :

Conformity of civilian explosives warehouse 4e CAT ( 2005 Decree)

Security NF-A2P alarm

APSAD telemonitoring

Fire Protection

Study for Technical Authorisation

Armoire forte Capyro® pour le stockage de produits pyrotechniques

A cabinet has been developped to store sample cases of explosives (canine detectors).



Use and praticable application

The shipping container is used for multi fret transport with different means of transport :

different transport for container


For the Transportation of Class 1 Dangerous Goods (explosives) the standard container does not meet with the multi mode safety regulations.  The pyrotechnic container for controlled explosive discharge assures security for the length of the supply chain.


For the storage of Class 1 Dangerous Goods (explosives) and for Hazard Division 1.3, the pyrotechnic container for controlled explosive discharge is designed to avoid the transmission of fire-risk and explosion (T.C.E)

Basic layout

Standard container changes are necessary to help meet the French or International Pyrotechnic regulations (NATO UN) and avoid self-containment of stored products.

The specific container must undergo some adjustments to be suitable for the storage of pyrotechnic products by the implementation of:

Basic layout container pyrotechnical CAPYRO



The container can be equipped with an anti-skid floor in aluminum, with a fixation system. The positioning of the fixation system must be defined by the customer.

The set is connected to the metallic frame of the container. The safety of the installation is guaranteed by the equipotential bonding.


The container can be equipped with an air conditioning system type “TROPICAL” and “NAVY” according to the geographical area, and will be installed in the specific container serving as a pyrotechnic workshop.

HANDLING HOIST 250 kg (gross weight)

For the handling of heavy and bulky objects, an articulated hoist of 250 kg (gross weight) of load can be installed, the load calculation is validated by “Bureau Veritas”.

Internal arrangement

The containers of storage 20′ are fitted out in the same way, according to this plan:

  • • Two rows of storage: of 0,80 m of wide,
  • • Separation of 2 rows of storage by an aisle leading (0,80 m),
  • • Storage on wooden pallet put on the floor.
  • • The height between roof and top of storage has to be a minimum of 1 meter.


Container explosive Discharge

Sea container Basic



All the volume can be used, the NEQ depends on the applicable regulations (ADR EXIII: 16 000 T + 3,5 T (tare weight).

Storage for the most possibilities offered by the Container and the regulations Transportation of Dangerous Substances.

No regulations of pyrotechnic Safety & Security are applied and in the event of an accident, the damage caused to people, in case of explosion is great.

Pyrotechnics container for controlled Explosive Disharge CAPYRO 20’


(Declinable in 10 ‘or 40’)


help Limit the number of pallet EUR : 12 (800 x 1200) / no increase of kinetics energy for NEQ at 1050 kg (< 35kg/m3).

For Fireworks N.E.Q limited the 1000 kg DR (Division de risque) 1.3b


help Limit the number of pallet EUR: (800 x 1200) / no increase of kinetics energy for NEQ at 1050 kg (< 35kg/m3).

For Fireworks N.E.Q limited the 700 kg DR 1.3b

Secure Storage, no risk other than Fire, Damage for goods and human is reduced to the minimum. Minimal thermal effects other than on the surfaces of discharges.

Control of temperatures and hygrometry.

Back experience of controlled temperatures and hygrometry.

For a temperature of 35 ° outside, the indoor temperature observed is 25 ° C (austral summer).

Possibility of reversible and controllable air conditioning.

Limited quantities stored, increases of the number of containers for storage in warehouse.

Containers, photos

Photo credits : CAPYRO®

Photos of the compliance of ICPE installations / Labor Code.

All the metallic masses and all the conductive elements of the pyrotechnic container are interconnected by an equipotential bonding, interconnection made in accordance with the standards in force (NFC 15-100).

The set is equipped for electrostatic discharges (ESD).

The container has been dimensioned with calculation notes, for overpressure and heat flow discharges; as well as the dimensions of the air circulation in order to avoid an increase of the internal temperature, subjected to important external constraints (transport storage in the desert zone, for example).

Photos Container 10 Feet workshop (Grappling)

This type of container is intended in addition to industrial fireworks, to make a pyrotechnic workshop grappling, incorporating a workstation equipped with protections for the operator.

Additional services

The French Company: CAPYRO®, can also offer additional benefits to the supply of pyrotechnic containers, to its clients in France and abroad:

Process, risk analysis, tracking, training, commissioningbureau veritas


Once the containers are finalized, BUREAU VERITAS delivers the necessary approvals (CSC and NFC 15-100) before shipping by sea to the country of destination.
The costs of forwarding, handling, customs clearance and taxes, among others, are the responsibility of the purchaser.


Douanes & droits indirects - Capyro® : Exportateur Agréé
Capyro® has AE Status (Authorized Exporter)

This status allows the importer whose country has signed an agreement with the European Union, to reduce, or in most cases, not to pay customs duties on imports.


Institut national de la propriété industrielle

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