Pyrotechnical remediation

Your expert in pyrotechnical remediation

If you wish to or have already acquired a site from the state and need to undertake a pyrotechnical pollution assessment, Capyro® can guide you in this process by carrying out a E.H.T.2P which allows you to assess any financial and technical impact of this kind of pollution on the site.

History and technical studies (E.H.T.2P)

The drafting of a report on any detection of pyrotechnical pollution due to either leftover war relics or pyrotechnical activity

Examples :

Expertise : Pyrotechnical security manager (2005-1325 Decree)

Interfacing between the contracting authority and the incumbent firm chosen in call for bids in pyrotechnical remediation.

Pyrotechnical security manager (2005-1325 Decree). The project manager can consult the consignment file at all times and it is presented to him at the end of the works.

Various techniques for varying pollution, Capyro helps toward protecting the environment


these consulting services have been carried out by Capyro® :

  • ESID (Etablissement du Service d’Infrastructure de la Défense) TOULON et LYON,
  • USID (Unités de Soutien de l’infrastructure de la Défense) MONTPELLIER et CLERMOND FERRAND,
  • DGA(Direction Générale de l’Armement) Technique Terrestre BOURGES,
  • Service Historique de la Défense ,
  • DNCS, Naval Group,
  • Mairie de Puget-sur-Argens…

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