Pyrotechnics Safe

The safe are intended for the storage of pyrotechnics products :

  • Fireproof Safe (EN1047)
  • Resistant Safe to break-in attempts (EN 1143)

Our safes are factory equipped with integrated sensors. A risk analysis has to be transmitted to the state authorities.

You are not subject to regulations :

  • ICPE (< 30kg QMA)
  • Technical Approval (< 20kg DR 1.4)
  • Conformity of 4th category civil explosives depots (decree of 12/13/2005)
  • To be connected to an A2P Alarm and APSAD Remote Monitoring

This safe already equips our customers for storage of:

  • Pyro Mechanisms, detonators and airbags, (Manufacturers)
  • Theatrical, distress fireworks for ships (Refit, shipchandler)
  • Samples of explosives (Police Dog Company)
  • Animal Hazard Artifices (Airports)

Armoires fortes pyrotechniques

Pyrotechnic Container

CAPYRO® has developed and patented a specific container against explosions and fires.

The pyrotechnic containers are intended for multimodal transport and storage of pyrotechnic products, they are available :

  • 10-foot container (2,99 x 2,43 x 2,59 cm) 16 m3
  • 20-foot container (6,05 x 2,43 x 2,59 cm) 33 m3
  • Hi Cube 20-foot container (6,05 x 2,43 x 2,89 cm) 37 m3
  • 30-foot container (9,05 x 2,43 x 2,59 cm) 56 m3
  • 40-foot container (12,19 x 2,43 x 2,59 cm) 77 m3
  • Hi Cube 40-foot container(12,19 x 2,43 x 2,89 cm) 86 m3

Our containers are factory equipped with your specifications. A risk analysis hasto be transmitted to the state authorities.

  • Fireproof container (60 or 120 mn) >/li>
  • Overpressure resistant container
  • Reinforced ventilation
  • Equipotentiality
  • Géolocation and alarms

From the Pyrotechnic Container, we have developed the Container for the storage and transport of lithium batteries or equipment with lithium batteries:

  • Underwater, Air and Land drones ;
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Specific equipment using Lithium Batteries >100Wh > 35 kg
  • UN3090, UN3091, UN3480, UN3481, UN3171

Specificity of the Lithium Battery Container :

  • Inerting of the batteries by active gas.
  • Resistance to fire and explosion.
  • Fire detection and triggering device.

This container is also used for other dangerous goods without risk of Transmission Combustion Explosion, such as calcium and hypochlorite.

For your needs, the workshop container is adapted and transformed according to your specifications.

Container PyrotechniqueContainer Pyrotechnique

Packaging approved for transport

CAPYRO® has developed a range of packing for the transport of specific products

In order to protect your specific loads, CAPYRO® has developed a transport approved packaging from protective cases :

  • Pyrotechnic products - DR 1.4 S classification (INERIS certification in progress)
  • Small equipment with lithium batteries (in the process of being certified by INERIS and DGAC)

Our approval packaging are available in 3 sizes :

  • Small : 0,036 m3 6 kg
  • Medium : 0,045m3 9 kg
  • Large : 0,098 m3 14,5 kg

The packaging subjected to strict tests for its certification.

  • Drop test on concrete, under load, height 1.8 m on all sides and corners
  • Submersion test 30 mn at one meter depth
  • Rolling test, laden, from 1 km to 8 km/h
  • Perforation test by 12.7 kg steel bar falling from 1 m on all sides
  • Active gas inerting test for lithium batteries >100Wh, from 1 to 3 batteries.

Emballages agréés au transport

Pyrotechnics installations

CAPYRO® has developed expertise in the design of innovative pyrotechnic installations.

With 30 years of experience in military and industrial pyrotechnic safety, CAPYRO® can offer you Project Management Assistance, from the design to the construction of installations, in conjunction with a project manager or architectural firm.

A few examples of CAPYRO® project :

  • Explosives depot in an urban environment with Armoured Containment Enclosures,
  • Fireworks depot in an aeronautical maintenance centre,
  • Fireworks depot (10 Tons) in industrial activity zone,
  • Powder depot for gunsmith and shooting club,
  • Fireworks container depot in Mexico,
  • Ammunition Storage in ASEAN and Africa.
  • Mobile pyrotechnic incineration plant.
Installations pyrotechniquesInstallations pyrotechniquesInstallations pyrotechniquesInstallations pyrotechniques

Installations pyrotechniques

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