Thierry Hernandez (EN)

Thierry Hernandez (EN)

Thierry Hernandez (EN)


Thierry Hernandez, pyrotechnical specialist and director of the engineering office specialising in studies, audits, training and also intervenes in France and export.


Also intervening in the role of Quality Health Safety and Environment Manager (A Masters from the National Superior school of Chemistry, Biology and Physics) in Bordeaux, he is at the centre of and “Responsible for Pyrotechnical security” and the supervision of  remediation works and analysis.

He also guarantees all the duties of “Security Advisor for the Multimodal Transport of Dangerous Goods” for small and medium businesses.

After a 25 year military career specialising in munition maintenance in France, abroad and on foreign missions, Thierry Hernandez is now completing his career as the Instructive Director in the field of Storage/Pyrotechnical Security at ESAM.  He is supplementing his initial education at ENSTA in the field of Detonation, ballistics and Pyrotechnics.

Recruited as a technical specialist for a civilian company having obtained the first deal outsourcing aviation replacements for MINDEF, he is now the Manager of Dangerous Goods and Pyrotechnics as well as being in charge of prevention  (safety and security) and for carrying out R & D policy with the creators of the contracting authorities (SIMMAD) as part of REACH and CLP.

He undertook the logistics of European production sites for the world’s second  largest civilian explosives manufacturer and was also responsible for the updating of Safety and Hazard Studies, as well as the compliance upgrading of safety on SEVESO sites.

Known for his skill and professionalism, Thierry Hernandez has been a consultant covering all domains of interventions linked to pyrotechnics since 2011.  Established in the PACA Region in the South of France, he promotes close relations with local representatives.

Finally in 2015, he decided to create his own Joint Stock Company Capyro® and in 2017 the arrival of new collaborators allowed him to develop internationally.

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With Thierry, negotiations and product development were to provide clear and constructive. Speed ​​and clarity.

Stéphane MATHIEU


J'ai eu le plaisir de travailler avec Thierry Hernandez. C'est un collaborateur professionnel, fiable et rigoureux qui est un atout précieux pour toute entreprise qui désire se développer ou s'améliorer dans une perspective de gestion des matières dangereuses et pyrotechniques.

Laurent AMBAUM


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