Transport de marchandises dangereuses


Regularity reminder : any companies whose activity involves packaging, shipping, filling, transporting or unloading waste and dangerous goods must comply with TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods) regulations.

Exempt companies have the obligation to train staff and apply TDG regulations.

Our expertise in European and international TDG regulations enables you to benefit from the best advice according to the mode of transport chosen through studies, support, audits or training.

CAPYRO® offers you its expertise of Safety Adviser as well as in company trainings (1.3 ADR- Multimodal- specialising in pyrotechnics and Lithium battery) throughout France

Safety Adviser on the Transportation of Dangerous Goods

CSTMD is responsible for carrying out compliance and information audits on transport security

  • It assists companies by means of preventive and curative controls, draws up an annual activity report or in the event of an accident, recommendations are mentioned with the implementation of action plans
  • It analyzes the differences in your transport activity with the regulations
  • It p
  • rovides proven solutions It responds to specific issues (eg approval of packaging or vehicles, transport of specific goods).

Conseiller à la securité sur le transport des matières dangereuses

CAPYRO® CSTMD is a specialist in Class 1 (Explosivs) and Lithium battery.

La classe 1 Matières ou Objets Explosifs

  • Class 1 : Explosive Substances or Objects, the CAPYRO® expert will help you with your problems and provide you with proven solutions.

    Previous Achievement : Technical Approval for Mobile Explosives Manufacturing Units (2010) - Vehicle for the transport of Chemical Ammunition (2013).

    Packaging approval for fireworks (Hermione frigate - 2015) - Torpedo (2019). Law Enforcement Ammunition (2020).

La classe 9 Batterie Lithium

  • Class 9 : (Lithium Battery) : CAPYRO® assists you in the transport of your batteries or equipment. A specialised container for lithium batteries or equipment neutralizing the risk of explosion has been developed.

    Previous Achievement : : Specialized container for storing Lithium batteries, Container UAV maintenance workshop (2019-20), IATA transport case for small UAV or Li-Ion battery equipment.


CAPYRO® assists you in order to obtain regulatory compliance in the field of shipping and Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG) .

This page allows you to follow the latest news on the Transport of Dangerous Goods.


Réglementation ADR, Arrêté TMD, IATA, IMDGêté-tmd-2019-consolidé-150x113.pngAccord for Dangerous Goods by Road. It is updated every 2 years and shall be compulsory on July 1st of the year of application.

  ADR 2019 Volume 1
  ADR 2019 Volume 2



International Air Transport Association issues the rules for the air transport of dangerous goods. Please find below the possible corrections of the latest version.

Lithium Batteries page
  Lithium Battery Guidance Document



The IMDG Code is the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code published by the IMO (International Maritime Organization). 19.

Composed of 7 parts, this code deals in particular with the classification of dangerous goods, regulations on the transport of these goods, packaging, labelling, as well as regulations in local seaports and harbors.

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